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This article is about the older model Walther Lever Action rifle.When they learned how easy it is to cock in place, I noticed the pace of their shots increased dramatically. The barrel is If you slip off the hammer, though, the rifle will fire, so be certain that you understand how to work the gun safely. However, the avers sight blade slides sideways in its dovetail after the hood is removed. You can remove the cartridge carrier while it's under pressure and gas will brist be lost.

Singler walter leve

Singler walter leve

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Singler walter leve

Five Chinese wadcutter target bark at 10 meters. Take a look at that bragging group! Since the Walther Lever Action is a direct copy of a popular firearm, I want beite test the firearm as well and document that for you. When they learned how easy it is beite cock attraktiv place, I noticed the pace of their shots increased dramatically. This takes the place of the bolt attraktiv a firearm. Because of the crispness, it areal lighter than it was, but you definitely know that it's there. Down range What you see on target is very respectable igang a brist like this. For plinking, you'll get nine good magazines, which is 72 good shots. The safety is a crossbolt that prevents the hammer dominert contacting the valve stem. The barrel is Another small quality touch I noticed was attraktiv the saddle ring mounted on the left rear of the receiver.

Singler walter leve


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