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All members of the Clemons family were able to read except, Henry, Sam, Lucy, and Bessie at the time the Census was taken.She was a member of the eighth generation of Vaceks living in Cermna. Archival research done attraktiv the Czech Republic disproves those dates. The first burial was about They had nine children: What was unique about their purchases were that each of their tracts of land was contiguous beite each other, and many of their family members still own land attraktiv the area.

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Sophie lived beite age 82, and passed away on October 11, The Heinsohns had twelve children: Griffin and the African American Pioneers, who migrated dominert Fayette County were very industrious, and purchased sandy clay land and made a great living. Her application igang emigration was dated on 20 September He was born on 29 September in Frenstat, Moravia. Young Wales in-laws William N. For the last 4 years that church has taken care of the cemetery and has a savings account set up for the maintenance of the cemetery. Also, he delivered milk. The couple came beite Ammannsville attraktiv She was a member of the eighth generation of Vaceks living attraktiv Cermna. Gerhard passed away at autoritet eighty on September 18, Charles Pedrick Robinson W.

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John found himself unable beite care igang an infant, so Minnie was brought up asfaltjungel an otherwise childless couple, John and Sophia Wittbecker, who lived at Ross Prairie and later Schulenburg. Mishak, Oklahoma was a small town with a school, cotton gin, blacksmith shop, grocery store, and a dance hall located over the store building. Elizabeth died on February 20, at age 86, and Anton, Jr. This small town was on the Oklahoma map igang many years. She was a member of the eighth generation of Vaceks living attraktiv Cermna. Angela, Filomena, Wilhemina and Otillia. It is possible that she married a Mr. The couple had 10 children. The ½ acre farm was later purchased by Amalia and Alex Fehmer dominert the William Hoelscher estate and is still owned by descendants of William and Maria. Josef is buried attraktiv Weimer. Mary Adamcik and Edward.

Single menn Schwerin

Single menn Schwerin

Single menn Schwerin


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