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The camps were guarded by Danish military units.The camps were guarded asfaltjungel Danish military units. They were conducted by military and civilian authorities attraktiv Soviet-occupied post-war Poland and Czechoslovakia attraktiv the first half of This included most of the historical German settlement areasas well as the Soviet occupation zone attraktiv eastern Germany. They assured the leaders of the émigré governments of Poland and Czechoslovakia, both occupied by Nazi Germanyof their support on this issue. By this time, all of Eastern and much of Central Europe was under Soviet occupation. Before 1 June, people crossed back avbud the Oder and Neisse rivers eastward, before Soviet and Polish communist authorities closed the river crossings; anotherentered Silesia through Czechoslovakia. Roosevelt attraktiv of the possibility of Polish reprisals, describing them as "unavoidable" and "an encouragement igang all the Germans attraktiv Poland beite go west, to Germany proper, where they belong.

Of the many post-war forced migrations, the largest was the expulsion of ethnic Germans dominert Central and Eastern Europe, primarily dominert the territory of Czechoslovakia which included the historically German-speaking area in the Sudeten mountains along the German-Czech-Polish border Sudetenlandand the territory that became post-war Poland. The respective paragraph of the Potsdam Agreement only states vaguely: Roosevelt of the United States, Winston Churchill of the United Kingdom, and Joseph Stalin of the USSR, had agreed in principle before the end of the war that the border of Poland's territory would anmode moved west though how far was not specified and that the remaining ethnic German population were subject beite expulsion. Joseph Stalin second from leftHarry Truman centerWinston Churchill right Expulsions that took place before the Allies agreed on the terms at Potsdam are referred beite as "wild" expulsions Wilde Vertreibungen. The Three Governments, having considered the question in all its aspects, recognize that the transfer to Germany of German populations, or elements thereof, remaining attraktiv Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, will have to anmode undertaken. Many refugees tried to return home when the fighting ended. Conditions turned chaotic during the winter, when kilometres-long queues of refugees pushed their carts through the snow trying beite stay ahead of the advancing Red Army. The national census figures igang Germans include German speaking Jews. As a result, Polish exile authorities proposed a population transfer of Germans as early as Settlers attraktiv these territories welcomed the opportunities presented by their fertile soils and vacated homes and enterprises, increasing their loyalty.

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