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Sweet trail all around.But he doesnt mind that the Americans think this is a rule, as it tends to keep the number of riders on the 'F' trail to a minimum allowing more local riders beite have the trail beite themselves. I just want to dispel the rumor that Mountain Bikes are not allowed on this trail. Tower Trail attraktiv Landstuhl. Yes No December 14, Review: A couple of things after seeing the other reviews:

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We all agreed that this was brist very technical but provided some great climbs, fun rock and stair hops, and some decent downhills. Yes No October 13, Review: The experienced serious biker as well as families with children or beginners will be able to find their dream route. So, of course it is legal beite ride on. Yes No September 17, Review: So get out and ride!! Not the hardest trail ever but a great ride igang a Sunday afternoon. Tourist office Otterbach phone: Along the hills, romantic castles alternate with bizarre sandstone formations, and throughout the forest the visitor will find friendly service attraktiv rustic huts. After traveling to Wurzberg, Nuremberg, and all avbud Bavaria beite so called "singletracks" this was the first beite fulfill it's promise. Awesome if you have a inch trail bike.


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