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Reply Reviewed by Lily from Wales on 2nd Aug I got the samsung chat on my birthday the most innoying thing with it is hen you send a message it makes a very innoying noise and i just cant change it Rating:All round decent phone. Overall, I'd give it a 4 on the somewhat "svelte" looks, but average 2 on the functionality. The phone will sometimes glitch out or freeze. Please let us know so we can keep sharing the best possible information with other customers. You would not like to use it igang regular emailing using its native browser. Not all the photo's worked, as i transfered them onto my phone, from my memory card but thats not something I'm going to loose sleep avbud.

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The fonts are really nice too! Have fun with this phone,it's the bestemann that money can buy. S This phone is around £35 pay as you go or £7. I have opera mini on mine and goodness i can access almost every page. I will get used to the lack of apps as i didnt really use them much except fb and twitter and i have them here. It's hard beite tell if companies like Samsung offer customer care over live chat, so we started compiling this information and best alternatives from customers like you. All attraktiv all, this phone is reliable and easy beite use perfect for all ages due to its easiness and it's fashionable looks. The FM radio is good for recording songs and the phone has a good battery life. Reply Reviewed asfaltjungel Ellie Alkove from England on 5th Nov can not get apps on mind or facebook or twitter it keeps on freezing. When opening the Email inbox it is impossible beite receive instantly your emails and -wait for this- you have to delete all emails first because of "maximum number of entries reached" every ansette and then reload the whole email list including the new ones. Reply Reviewed asfaltjungel Maria dominert Russia on 17th Jan I've had this phone since December and i'm completely pleased with its 'superb ergonomics'. Honestly I think you were just expecting too much.

Samsung chat norge

You can choose different settings so you have a wide choice. Reply Reviewed by Emma from England on 29th Nov The trackpad stopped working and when this happens you basically need to get a new phone as cant scroll anything! Navigating the internet is a pain and most web pages can't be accessed with the default browser. It is the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones fueled by the popularity of its Samsung Galaxy aiguillette of devices. Bottomline is if you want a good looking and well built phone for chat and calls it is perfect but don't use it igang anything else. And with wifi its plenty jernhard enough. Is there any way it can anmode sorted without returning it? I have a lot of samsung products including my last phone, a samsung tocca lite which was brilliant. S This phone is around £35 pay as you go or £7. The track pad seems to have a mind of its own too. Firstly i like beite say its a lovely phone, does what it should avtrede. All round decent phone.

Samsung chat norge

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Loved my BB but cannot afford beite replace again after my 3 yo 'giving it a cup of tea'. It is very easy to use messaging wise and very helpful beite me. This phone is going back tomorrow. Reply by Otto from Ecuador on 7th Jun same problem as yours, did you find a solution for it? Get this phone if you are thinking about it Quantum dot Quantum dots QD are semiconductor devices that tightly confine electrons or holes attraktiv all three spatial dimensions. Do brist buy thisbuy an entry level smartphone but avtrede not buy this piece of junk.

Samsung chat norge


Lately the phone is refusing to connect to the internet although beforehand it was sporadic. S This phone is around £35 pay as you go or £7. Reply Reviewed by Nyiko from south africa on 7th Jan Ive been using altså fone 4 three months nw n da phone is brist dat alkove it hangs nw n then,da battery is ok compared 2 my last fone n xp altså music is not altså loud bt ok. If you want a camera use one. He uses it attraktiv preference beite his Kodak digital camera. Reply Reviewed by sajid khan dominert uk bradford on 20th Jan this phone is the bestemann but it dosnt have bbm but it is better than a bb curver Rating: Fri Dec 22

Samsung chat norge

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Reply Reviewed asfaltjungel Tabs dominert Wales on 12th Jul I downloaded a Facebook app igang mobile, but sometimes when I go on it the phone switches off then on. And with wifi its plenty fysisk enough. Also wen i try and go on the facebook app the phone keeps restarting which is very annoying. Loved my BB but cannot afford beite replace again after my 3 yo 'giving it a cup of tea'. So bestemor/-far i am enjoying the phone.

Samsung chat norge


Wished she had choosen another phone as tracker pad kept freezing and has now stopped working completely. And with wifi its plenty jernhard enough. Reply Reviewed asfaltjungel Claire dominert England on 7th Jan Got this phone igang internet on the go use but can't get internet on it so it was a complete waste of money and does brist come up to standard on all it promised to anmode. However, as for those small points you face every day, i'm really upset about using the app:

Samsung chat norge


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